Concordia Icelandic Lutheran Church & Cemetery

The Story

In 1901, a meeting took place at Logberg School with Rev. J.T. Clemens of the the Icelandic Lutheran Synod and residents of the west district, who had severed their ties with the Thingvalla congregation.


The people in the west district wanted a place for worship, more centrally located, which was to be known as the Concordia Lutheran congregation.


The first councillors appointed were: President Freystein Johnson, Secretary Bjorn Thorbergson, S. Loptson, JJ Finnsson, and Atni Arnason.


From 1901 to 1904, the church services were held in the Logberg School, and in 1904 a church was built on NE corner of NE 9-23-32.


In 1915, the community hall was built north across the road, SE corner of SW 16-23-32. It was known as Concordia Hall.


A cairn was erected south of the hall in honor and in memory of the pioneers of the three Icelandic districts. Within the cairn, a metal container was sealed containing the signatures of most of the Icelanders then residing in the three districts of Thingvalla, Logberg, and Condordia.


The cairn was unveiled at the time of the Golden Jubilee Celebration held in 1935 to commemorate the founding of the colony in 1885.

Finding the Cemetery

GPS: 50.97458,-101.89016

Driving Directions

From the town of Churchbridge, drive north approximately 5 miles on Highway 80.  The cemetery is located on the west side of the highway.

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