Logberg Icelandic Lutheran Church and Cemetery

The Story

Logberg, the North District, was named by the Icelanders. In their language, “log” means “law” and “berg” means “stone”.  Johannes Einarsson and Gisli Igilsson were the founders of the Logberg settlement.


When the first settlers arrived in the Logberg area in 1890, they joined with the Thingvalla congregation until 1914.


The Logberg people built a church during the years 1902 to 1905, and community meetings, concerts, and some church services were held in this new building. The building was on the NW corner of SW 19-24-32.


On February 8, 1914, the Logberg congregation was formed, and that same year a steeple was added to the church.


Early founders of the Logberg church were: Mr. and Mrs. Johannes Einarsson who donated land for the church and cemetery, Gisli Egilsson, Mr. and Mrs. Hall Egilsson, Mr. and Mrs. Fredrick Fredrickson, Mrs. Avido Loptson, John and Thora Thorarinsson, the Thorleifson family, Mr. and Mrs. Olafur Andersson, and Mr. and Mrs. Asgeiv Johnson. Rev. G. Guttormson was the first minister.


The church closed in 1953 due to lack of members and a shortage of pastors. It was sold to Bert Curle, who moved it and made a house out of it.  It is still on the west side of Calder road, south of the town.


The cemetery is on the NE corner of SE 24-24-32, on the west side of the road allowance.


The church was across the road on the east side. The cemetery has a page wire fence with steel posts around it.  The first marked gravestone is from 1906, and the last is from 1965.  There are about 30 graves.


The cemetery was a mess with trees 25-30 feet tall, scrub and long grass. The Heritage Cemeteries Project, Inc., spent three days cleaning it up.

Finding the Cemetery

GPS: 51.07938,-101.82039

Driving Directions

From Churchbridge, drive north on Highway 80 for approximately 12 miles.

Turn east on grid road SK-381.  Drive approximately 3 miles.  A roadside marker on the north side of the road marks the access to the cemetery.  Turn north here and drive approximately 1/2 mile along the trail, until you reach the cemetery.  During wet conditions, the cemetery is best accessed by truck or on foot.  During dry conditions, the cemetery is easily accessed by car.

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