St. Alban's Anglican Church & Cemetery

The Story
St. Alban's Anglican Church was built in 1905.  Four years prior to this, the English people at Langenburg were having irregular services in people's homes.

Clergymen holding occasional services in the early years were Rev. M.H. Winter and Rev. A.W. Leach.

St. Alban's is the oldest church in Langenburg in its original form.  In the fall of 1983, a basement was dug 50 feet west of the original site and the church building was moved onto this foundation.  It was also declared a heritage building that year.

Early members of the church were: Mr. & Mrs. Patrick, Dr. & Mrs. Denmark, Mr. & Mrs. Fred Ellis, Mr. and Mrs. Reg Walton, Mrs. Rombough, Mr. & Mrs. Hugh Farthing, Mr. and Mrs. Hepton, Mrs. Rebecca Buchberger, Mrs. Ethel Schentag, Mrs. M.A. Berger.

Although membership has declined over the years, worship services are still offered occasionally.

St. Alban's Anglican Church shares a cemetery with two other denominations, the Church of God, and the United Church.  This cemetery (NE corner of NE 22-21-31) is owned and looked after by the Town of Langenburg.  It is also the burial place for those with no church affiliation.

Finding the Cemetery

GPS: 50.82985,-101.69534

Driving Directions

From the town of Langenburg, drive approximately 1 mile south on Highway 8.  The cemetery will be on the west side of the highway.


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